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St Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat

Communities of Alfredton, Ballarat, Cardigan
Lake Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Lucas, Newington

St Patrick's Cathedral Parish acknowledges that the Aboriginal people of Australia are our first nation peoples and the traditional owners and custodians of this land.

We are a child safe Parish following the Child Safe Standards outlined by the Victorian Government, implementing procedures and standards as directed by the Professional Standards Office of the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat.


8TH AUGUST, 2021
3 Lyons St Sth Ballarat

Parish Office hours:
Tuesday - Friday
10.00am - 5.00pm

On Mondays the Parish Office is closed.

On weekends and after regular office hours,
the phone will be transferred to the on call priest
so that the Hospitals, Aged Care facilities, Funeral Directors
or others seeking the services of a priest may be responded to.

For the duration of lockdown from
Thursday 5th August to Thursday 12th August inclusive
St Patrick's Cathedral is closed to the public.

Mass will be live streamed from the St John of God Hospital Chapel       each weekday at 11.30am.
On Sunday, 10.30am Mass will be livestreamed from the Cathedral.

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If you feel that you need support or would like to speak with a priest or a member of our Cathedral team please contact the Parish Office, which will be attended for the usual times (Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 5pm) on
5331 2933 or alternatively you can email

For further information, please visit the Parish website:

We encourage all parishioners to reach out to their neighbours, family members, friends, colleagues and especially to those that you know who live on their own. For many, restrictions are a challenge and our pastoral care of each other is an expression of our faith in the compassionate Christ and belonging to the Body of Christ.


Readings for this week:   St Mary of the Cross

First:  1 Kings 17:7-16 Second: Colossians 3:12-17

Gospel:  Matthew 6:25-34

Readings for next week:  The Assumption of Mary

First:  Apocalypse 11:19; 12:1-6, 10 Second:   1 Corinthians 15:20-26

Gospel: Luke 1:39-56


God of the Pilgrim,

Mary MacKillop trusted your guidance in
her journey of life

and deepened her confidence in your will.

May we renew our trust in your Providence
to lead us in hope.

May we relish the sacred in the ordinariness
of our lives.

May we grow in the fullness of your love and the depth of your mystery.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life.


Kyle Graham, Brenda McVey, Tom White

Sr Marina Bastian IBVM
Brian Blood
Margaret Bromley
John Byrne
Wilhelmus Byvoet
John Calistro
James Campbell
George Clark
Eileen Dowling
Trent Elkins
Daniel Garland
Dorothy Gibson
Nancy Gilham
Philip Kennedy
Julianne Krusche
Ian Larkin
Patricia Liston
Natale Liubicich
Donald Mahony
Ray Malthouse
Kevin Meiklejohn
John McCunnie
Cornelius McDermott
Florence McDonald
Bryan McEntee
Norah Moore
Jane Morris
Lorna Naug
Joy Nichols
William O'Donnell
Raymond O'Leary
Lorraine Parker
Maureen Parker
Colin Sherritt
Valerie Smith
Laurence Noel Stingers
Thresiamma Thaikkadupill
Beatrice Thomson
Marie Jose van der Valk

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Clergy Appointments

Fr Mick McKinnon has been Administrator of Mortlake and Terang parishes while he has been waiting for an opportunity to travel to Peru for ministry there in collaboration with the Columbans. Throughout this year, the Covid pandemic has greatly restricted international travel. However, Fr McKinnon has recently received notification that he will be able to travel from Australia. He plans to do so by October. He will continue as Administrator of these parishes until September 19
Bishop Paul has now invited expressions of interest from any priest who would like to be considered for appointment as Parish Priest of Mortlake and Terang. A profile of each parish, with details about populations, pastoral services and finances is being made available. He encourages those priests interested in serving in these parishes to express their interest to him, asking that they include some reflections on what they see as the challenges and opportunities facing these parishes and how the priest might draw on his experience of ministry to meet these challenges and develop these opportunities.
Bishop Paul hopes that a new Parish Priest will be able to take up the care of these parishes soon after Fr McKinnon concludes his service on September 19th. Of course, this will depend on existing commitments at that time.

Social justice advocacy on behalf of Australia’s poorest, most vulnerable and marginalised people is the focus of a new push spearheaded by Catholic Health Australia. CHA represents Australia’s largest non-government grouping of health and aged-care providers, and its new Social Justice Committee will provide direction, guidance, and intelligence to shape the organisation's social services justice policy and advocacy agenda.

The new committee will give voice to a number of key organisations that already have a powerful presence in these areas. They include St Vincent de Paul Society NSW, CatholicCare, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland, MercyCare, Centacare, and St Vincent’s Health Australia. CHA’s Director, Strategy & Mission, Rebecca Burdick Davies says most CHA members already have a significant philanthropic role and voice in seeking justice and inclusion for society’s most vulnerable. “The Social Justice Committee will form the cornerstone of Catholic Health Australia’s refreshed approach on social justice advocacy,” Ms Burdick Davies says. “It will set in place the structure we need to achieve our Mission goal of serving as a prophetic voice for the poor, vulnerable and marginalised. “A significant aspect of this work will be to advocate for better social services for the poor and vulnerable. We will advocate on issues that support the services of our members, their workers and those they care for. “The committee reflects our strong commitment to Catholic social teaching on the need to prioritise the poor, work for the common good, and the inherent dignity of the human person, no matter their social or health status.”

Read the Media release here.

Lord’s Prayer to stay in Victorian Parliament

A motion to remove the Lord’s Prayer from Victoria’s parliamentary sittings has been deflected, for now. The Daniels’ Labor government has announced that it will not support a motion by upper house MP Fiona Patten (from the Reason Party, formerly the Sex Party) to remove the prayer. However, the leader of the Labor party in the Upper House indicated that if re-elected at the end of next year, a future Labor government would move to remove the prayer.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes was the only government MP to speak on the motion and confirmed Labor would “commit to workshopping a replacement model that is purpose fit for Victoria” if re-elected. The Liberal Party has supported the retention of the prayer.

The combination of Christians responses has been fascinating. From the Uniting Church, Alistair Macrae was in favour of abolition.” “The prayer is part of my daily devotional life. It has shaped me immeasurably, both by its content and through the mysterious chemistry of the practice of prayer. “I also think the Parliamentary practice is anachronistic and inappropriate in the current context. The Lord’s Prayer is not a generic prayer, it is a Christian prayer. Apparently, Jewish rabbis commonly taught their followers a particular way to pray. Jesus, himself a Jewish rabbi, likewise taught his close followers this distinctive prayer which, with an extraordinary economy of language (he had just warned his disciples against lengthy, public prayers intended to display piety), acknowledges God’s transcendence, prays that God’s will (for justice, peace, love) be done on earth as in heaven, acknowledges our creaturely dependence in the petition for provision for our basic needs (bread), prays for help to practice the giving and receiving of forgiveness; and asks for God’s help in times of trial and temptation.”

Read this article by John Sandeman here.


The St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal provides emergency relief to people at risk and experiencing homelessness.

Your donation will help our Vinnies volunteers to rebuild lives.

All donations may be made to the Cathedral Conference for the Appeal by submitting envelopes to the Cathedral Parish Office.

Further details on the Appeal can be found here.

Family Week

Celebrating 200 years of Catholic School families

Family Week will be held from 8 August 2021 - 14 August 2021 and is an opportunity for Catholic school communities to celebrate the important role of families in Catholic education in Australia. The week also coincides with the Feast Day of Australia’s First Saint, Mary MacKillop, who was a passionate educator and advocate for children and families, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Parents and carers are the primary educators of children and young people, and are crucial partners in each student’s learning journey. Family Week recognises the significant contribution families have made to the foundation, growth and continuity of Catholic schools in Australia over 200 years.
CatholicCare Victoria Sunday Appeal

This weekend is the CatholicCare Victoria Sunday Appeal. CatholicCare Victoria delivers counselling and mental health services, specialised support for children and teens, refugee and asylum seeker help, support for separating families, homelessness support and pastoral care. CatholicCare Victoria works with individuals, families and communities, to build strength, resilience, and empowerment to reach their full potential. Please donate to CatholicCare Victoria Sunday Appeal. Your support and generosity will help the vulnerable and marginalised in our community and empower everyone to reach their full potential. You can donate online at here or call (03) 9287 5513                                                                                                                       
Thank you for supporting CatholicCare Victoria’s Sunday Appeal



Before the current lockdown, we were fortunate enough to be able to conduct the first of our parent information sessions for families with children taking part in the Sacrament of Confirmation preparation program during August.

The second of our parent information sessions due to take place on Tuesday 10th August 2021 has been cancelled.

We will stay in touch with families via our Parish Schools, website and Facebook in the coming week to advise of the plan moving forward.

We continue to accept enrolments for the program - if your child took part in the Reconciliation program in term 1, please email to advise you will continue with this next Sacramental program.  If your Baptised Catholic child is in year 3 or older, please submit a registration form (which can be found on our Parish website: to be included in this preparation program, a parent or guardian is required to attend one session please.

* * * * * * * *
Prior to taking part in an information session, families are able to complete and submit a registration form to the Parish Office at
3 Lyons St Sth, Ballarat (Tues to Fri 10.00am to 5.00pm), available from the Parish website of,  or via email to

Any queries or concerns, please contact Anita on 53 312 933 during office hours or via email.

PLEASE NOTE: Sacramental Certificates for children who have completed all their Sacraments of Initiation (Confirmation and Communion) are now available for collection from the Parish Office during the office hours of Tuesday to Friday, 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Thank you for contributing to the Cathedral collections this week:

Parish $ 3,540.00
Presbytery $ 1,362.25

New envelopes are available for collection from the Parish Office during the office hours of Tuesday to Friday, 10.00am - 5.00pm

Any queries or concerns, or to make a contribution, please contact the Parish Office or email Finance Officer Kerrie.

August reflection for the Year of St Joseph

The Holy Family

I can’t relate to the Holy Family. Mary was completely without sin, Jesus was God and Joseph was a saint. That doesn’t sound a whole lot like my family! Thoughts or comments like these can easily arise when trying to engage with the subject of the Holy Family. Yet, in this Year of St Joseph (which has dovetailed nicely into the Year Amoris Laetitia Family), the Church is encouraging us anew to draw grace and strength from the fully human, grace-filled family life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. If we desire to draw closer to this little family of Nazareth, then, we may need to explore some of the unconscious assumptions that can create resistance in our minds and hearts. We may assume, for instance, that being able to resist sin perfectly (or with growing perfection in the case of Joseph) makes Jesus, Mary and Joseph "unrelatable". But is it our sins that "make us human" or that help us feel close to and connected with others? A little reflection, assisted by Church teaching, will reveal that in fact the opposite is true. Sin makes us "less than human". It robs us of our true humanity and of our capacity to connect with others. It demeans and demoralises us and turns us in on ourselves.

Read this reflection by Laura Kirk here.

Gospel Reflection
‘Today’s trouble is enough for today!’ These are the concluding words of the gospel for today’s feast. We are “not to be anxious”. Rather, we are invited to be single-minded in our commitment. The challenge of this gospel is to live in the present, in right relationship and connection with the whole Earth community and to trust in the goodness and providence of God.

In What Makes Us Tick? Hugh Mackay claims that there is an epidemic of anxiety in the Western world. He reflects on our need to embrace our connectedness with ourselves, with each other, and with nature. If our innate desire to connect is frustrated or neglected, Mackay believes that the desire to control and the desire to be taken seriously will “expand unhealthily”. From a faith perspective, it is all a question of daily attention to the right ordering of our relationships with the material world, with one another and with God. Anxiety inhibits healthy living and impacts negatively on our communities.

The challenge not “to be anxious” appears six times in this one gospel reading. Three times in this passage Jesus tells the assembled crowd, including his disciples, not to worry. They are not to be anxious about food or drink or clothing. Neither are they to worry about what tomorrow might bring. It is clear that Jesus does not discount the human need for food and drink and clothing, for he states explicitly that God knows that they need all these things (6:32). Jesus’ concern is with their “little faith” or their lack of trust in God’s capacity to provide for the needs of all living beings. He challenges his listeners to be attentive to the processes among all living things, such as the way the birds of the air are fed and the lilies of the field are clothed. He also invites attentiveness to the life-sustaining processes at work in our own bodies. The hairs of our head, for instance, grow without any effort or anxiety on our part.

Jesus places all of this in the context of the right ordering of our relationships with the whole Earth community, expressed in terms of seeking God’s kin-dom and God’s “righteousness”. There is an echo here of Matthew 5:6 where those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are said to be blessed and told that they will “be filled”. In other words, God will care for them in the same way as God cares for the birds of the air and the lilies of the fields. There is no better role model for this than St. Mary McKillop who learned from childhood what it meant to trust in the providence of God. She also learned that the bounty of God is mediated through the compassion of those who have the means to meet the needs of all who struggle to survive. We might take time this week to find out more about this remarkable Australian woman.

Veronica Lawson RSM

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