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St Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat

Communities of Alfredton, Ballarat, Cardigan
Lake Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Lucas, Newington

St Patrick's Cathedral Parish acknowledges that the Aboriginal people of Australia are our first nation peoples and the traditional owners and custodians of this land.

We are a child safe Parish following the Child Safe Standards outlined by the Victorian Government, implementing procedures and standards as directed by the Professional Standards Office of the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat.

17th October, 2021
3 Lyons St Sth Ballarat

Parish Office hours:
Tuesday - Friday
10.00am - 5.00pm

Telephone: 53 312 933

On Mondays the Parish Office is closed.

On weekends and after regular office hours,
the phone will be transferred to the on call priest
so that the Hospitals, Aged Care facilities, Funeral Directors
or others seeking the services of a priest may be responded to.

Cathedral Clergy: Frs Justin Driscoll and Eladio Lizada
Parish Coordinator: Anita Houlihan
Finance Officer: Kerrie McTigue

* * * * * *

With the easing of restrictions in Ballarat, we welcome the opportunity to be able to gather in person for Masses in the Cathedral and we thank Loreto College for allowing us to use their Chapel for Masses on Sundays, enabling more parishioners to gather for Mass.

Please register with the Parish Office to attend. Bookings for Sunday Masses open through the Parish Office on Tuesday at 10am with priority given to those unable to attend Mass on the preceding Sunday.
From 12 noon Thursday, bookings for the remaining places will be open. Thank you to all for your understanding and patience with this process.

Celebrations of the sacrament of Baptism are taking place each Sunday spread throughout the afternoon with each family gathering for the baptism of their child in groups of 20.

Please note:  All Mass attendees are required to:

Wear a mask
Check in via QR Code and check in on the registration list provided
Use hand sanitiser on your way into the Cathedral

Sunday Masses with up to 20 people.

St Patrick’s Cathedral
6.30pm Vigil (fully booked)
5.00pm (fully booked)

Loreto College Chapel
1600 Sturt St Ballarat


Weekday Masses will be celebrated in the Cathedral with up to
20 people in attendance:

Monday 10.00am
Tuesday 10.00am
Wednesday 10.00am
Thursday 10.00am
Friday at 12.05pm 11.30am Reconciliation
Saturday at 10.00am  10.30am Reconciliation

* * * * *

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If you feel that you need support or would like to speak with a priest or a member of our Cathedral team please contact the Parish Office, which will be attended for the usual times (Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 5pm), on
53 312 933 or alternatively you can email

We encourage all parishioners to reach out to their neighbours, family members, friends, colleagues and especially to those that you know who live on their own.

For many, restrictions are a challenge and our pastoral care of each other is an expression of our faith in the compassionate Christ and belonging to the Body of Christ.


Readings for this week:   29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First: Isaiah 53:10-11 Second:   Hebrews 4:14-16

Gospel:   Mark 10:35-45

Readings for next week: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First: Jeremiah 31:7-9  Second: Hebrews 5:1-6

Gospel:   Mark 10:46-52

Marie Hudson, Peggy Nijam

John Anderson
Margaret Blaw
Francie Canty
Felix Favalora
Maurice Fay
Kathleen Frances Foley
Frederick Hale
Anne Heugle
Lorna Holmes
Nancy Kearney
Sr Marie Kelly IBVM
Francis Kennedy
Gwendoline McCunnie
Mary McDonald
John Morphett
Mary Moynihan
Shirley Naylor
Pauline Nickels
Basil O'Brien
John Pasitschny
Eileen Power
Elizabeth Ratcliffe
Elva Ratcliffe
Thomas Sheridan
Joseph Stoffels
Liam Styles
Francis Taylor
Joe van der Linden

This weekend, we welcome to our Parish through the Sacrament of Baptism:

Portia Rose Martin, daughter of Benjamin and Catherine

"The Church gives the faith to your children through Baptism and you have the task to make it grow…" Pope Francis.

May these children grow in faith with the support of their
families and our Catholic Community.

We continue to watch and wait for restrictions to ease, with the hope that in November we are able to continue the Sacrament of Confirmation preparation for our children.

Keep up to date with current details via the Parish website.

The proposed Eucharist program for term 4 has been postponed until 2022.  Details will be circulated in the New Year .

Cathedral Parish Meetings are
back on the Agenda

With both caution and hope, the groups, councils, conferences, committees and teams of our Cathedral Parish are gathering once again, face to face.                                                    

Gatherings of up to 20 people are now possible within the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Our Cathedral Parish St Vincent de Paul Conference met earlier this past week with Kevin Elliott as the Conference President. We thank our Vinnies Conferences members who have continued with “good works” throughout the pandemic, amidst COVID-19 restrictions.

The Parish Liturgy team (Susan Crowe, Kay Curran, Kathleen Hayes, Helen Lee, Rosemary Mecca, Therese O’Loughlin, Les Stewart, Deneise Walsh as well as Frs Eladio and Justin) met during the week. With limited numbers able to gather for Mass, the Liturgy team has continued to prepare the liturgies within the COVID-19 restrictions and are preparing for the November 5th increase to 150 people who are fully vaccinated who will be able to gather for Mass. The team looks forward to greater numbers of parishioners being able to gather again for Mass.
Evidence of full vaccination will be required for those hoping to join the Masses of up to 150 people. Provision for those who are not vaccinated being able to celebrate the Eucharist is also being considered. Where vaccination status is not required or is uncertain, the numbers able to attend will be limited to 20 people.

The cooperation of both Loreto and St Patrick’s Colleges in opening their respective Chapels to our Cathedral Parish for Sunday Masses is greatly appreciated.

The team have accessed the Online Liturgical Formation & Training from the Brisbane Liturgical Commission. These opportunities offer participants learning their own pace when they want to learn with comprehensive, multi-modal and engaging training, all from the comfort of your own home. A certificate will be issued on course completion.
Current courses include Ministers of the Word (Readers) Course and Lay Ministers of Communion Course. Our Parish Liturgy team invites parishioners who would like to undertake one of these courses to contact the Parish Office to register your interest.

The installation of two 70 inch televisions on mounted trolleys to the sanctuary of the Cathedral for the display of words of hymns and parts of the Mass continues to be considered. With hymns books no longer available, the words of hymns and parts of the Mass, as well photo displays at funerals has become a priority for our Parish. The Finance Committee have budgeted for the purchase and installation of these screens.
Parish Pastoral Council
Throughout the year the Parish Pastoral Council (Susan Crowe, Gerard Knobel, Elizabeth Ryan, Brian Shanahan, Leo Styles, Tomy Theckkamury as well as ex-officio members Simon Duffy (School Principal’s representative) and Frs Eladio and Justin) have continued to meet. Members of the Council have continued to reach out and stay in contact with the many groups, ministries and organisations within our Cathedral Parish. The Parish Council is working to develop a Vision that can bring together the many and varied aspects of our Cathedral Parish. Sr Karon Donnellan RSM will facilitate the meeting of the Council on Tuesday evening that will commence this process.

Finance Committee
Meeting four times each year, the Parish Finance Committee Members (Geordie Charles, Kevin Elliott, Michael Kearney, Cheryl McIntosh, Pat McOwan, John Mulcair, Cathy Oakley as well as ex-officio members Kerrie McTigue (Finance Officer) and Fr Justin) will meet on Wednesday of this coming week at 5pm. The Committee works according to the Statutes of Finance Committees in the Diocese of Ballarat. At this meeting the Committee will receive the Quarterly financial statements of Parish income and expenditure as well as reviewing the quotes for the removal of the Atlas Cedar, and quotes for the painting of the exterior of the Cathedral Presbytery and Parish office building. Consideration is also being given to the future use of the area of St Patrick’s Cathedral Hall the is currently used by the Diocesan archives (the archives will relocate to the Diocesan Offices in early 2022).

Siena Blessing and Opening
On Wednesday, October 13th the planned blessing and opening of two beautiful new learning areas and administration building was to have occurred at Siena @ Lucas. The current restrictions prevent visitors from entering the school site, so in lieu of an on-site opening a video was been created. Chris Kavanagh welcomes all to the virtual opening, there is a welcome to country, a tour of the new facilities, a message from Bishop Paul Bird, prayer and the opening by Senator Sarah Henderson.

Please click on the link below to watch the video created. We thank you for your adaptability during these ever-changing times.  

As the newest of our three Parish Primary Schools, Siena Catholic Primary School opened in 2017. In 2021 Siena has an enrolment of 234 students with a projected enrolment of 258 students in 2022.

Star of the Sea Parish,
South-West Coast

Bishop Paul Bird CSsR decreed the establishment of a new parish in the diocese, Star of the Sea, South West Coast, as at October 1, 2021.  The new parish covers the area of the former parishes of Dennington, Koroit, Port Fairy, Warrnambool and Warrnambool West. Fr John Fitzgerald, Moderator and Fr John Corrigan, Co-Pastor, will continue their service in the new parish.

Vatican offers free e-book for family rosary
(Credit: Pixabay.)

ROME — The Vatican Dicastery for Laity, the Family and Life and the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network have a gift for families for the month of October, which is traditionally dedicated to the rosary.

“Rosary for the Family,” a free e-book that can be used with the free Click to Prayer eRosary, features watercolor illustrations of the mysteries of the rosary, quotes from Pope Francis’ 2016 document, “Amoris Laetitia” (“The Joy of Love”), and questions meant to prompt sharing about faith in the family.

“I invite you all to use this rosary so that we do not miss the opportunity to reinforce our love for Jesus and Mary, our heavenly mother,” wrote Cardinal Kevin J. Farrell, prefect of the dicastery. “The meditations are brief, taken from ‘Amoris Laetitia’ and are accompanied by short questions and images that can help you reflect in faith, even with children.”

The 21-page e-book is available on Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books as well as online from  in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

Sr Teresa Biggins SJG

Caritas Australia, as a part of the End COVID For All Campaign, is urging the Federal Government to commit to supporting developing countries in the fight against COVID-19 before the virus mutates and renders current vaccines ineffective.

The new report, A SHOT OF HOPE - Australia’s role in vaccinating the world against COVID-19, found that two-thirds of epidemiologists surveyed believe that the virus may mutate in less than a year if action is not taken now to prevent the spread of the virus in developing countries. “According to the epidemiologists consulted for the report, the best method to prevent COVID-19 further mutating is vaccination, but many low-income countries won’t reach 70 per cent vaccination until after 2030, so it is essential we intervene now,” says Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia’s CEO. “We know from our work with partners in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines that misinformation is rampant, and getting enough vaccine doses to remote and regional communities can be extremely challenging, which has slowed down the vaccination response in both countries. This leaves the virus ample time to mutate and spread, putting already vulnerable communities into an even more vulnerable position.”

“This is why the End COVID For All campaign is urging the Australian Government to immediately commit more funds and more vaccine doses to COVAX, the only global initiative working with governments and manufacturers to ensure vaccines are available to lower-income countries who may not otherwise be able to afford enough doses for their population.” “We implore the Australian Government to commit to $250 million to the COVAX facility, as well as 20 million vaccines, as a part of our commitment to the longterm response and recovery to COVID-19 in our region and around the world.” “With a concentrated global push, we can vaccinate nine out of every ten people across the world by the end of 2022 – conceivably avoiding the most serious impacts of further mutations."

Read the media release here.

Pope urges Church to leave behind
"outworn pastoral models”

Pope Francis officially launches two-year consultation of the world's Catholics leading up to the next assembly of the Synod of Bishops.
Pope Francis during the opening Mass of the Synod, Sunday, October 10 in St. Peter's Basilica. (Photo by TIZIANA FABI /AFP)

Pope Francis has launched a two-year consultation of all the world's Catholics, an ambitious project to prepare the agenda for the next meeting of the Synod of Bishops in 2023."In these days, Jesus calls us, as he did the rich man in the Gospel, to empty ourselves, to free ourselves from all that is worldly, including our inward-looking and outworn pastoral models," he told some 3,000 people, including numerous foreign ambassadors to the Holy See, who were gathered for Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Basilica.The 84-year-old pope encouraged Catholics to meet and listen to one another, allowing God to help them begin walking together "where we are"."On the often rocky roads of life"Francis called this "synodal process" of consultation, which is scheduled to begin on October 17 in local dioceses around the world, "an adventure" in which everyone must take part."Are we prepared for the adventure of this journey? Or are we fearful of the unknown, preferring to take refuge in the usual excuses: 'It's useless' or 'We've always done it this way'?" he challenged Catholics during his homily on Sunday.True to his description of the Church as a "field hospital" engaged in the midst of the world's turmoil, the Jesuit pope elaborated on his vision of a God who "is not found in neat and orderly places, distant from reality" but who "walks ever at our side. He meets us where we are, on the often rocky roads of life".

Francis encouraged Catholics to become "experts in the art of encounter", like Jesus, who "is not afraid to listen… with his heart and not just with his ears". The pope warned that listening has nothing to do with "organizing events" or with "theorizing about problems". "Are we good at listening? How good is the 'hearing' of our heart?" he asked. New languages. He said the synodal process should "suggest fresh paths and new ways of speaking" for the Catholic Church. But he warned against a number of possible pitfalls. "Let us not soundproof our hearts; let us not remain barricaded in our certainties," the pope insisted. He also encouraged Catholics to get out of their "old habits" by totally avoiding "artificial and shallow and pre-packaged responses".

Francis warned that the synod is not a "Church convention, a study group or a political gathering", nor is it "a parliament". On the contrary, he called it "a process of healing guided by the Spirit". Baptism as an "identity card" The pope's closest aides in launching the synodal process – especially those in secretariat for the Synod of Bishops – are putting a lot of hope in the consultations at the local level. "Enabling everyone to participate is an essential ecclesial duty!" Pope Francis said the day before at a meeting with 270 people from around the world." All the baptized, for baptism is our identity card," he said. Here too, he warned against "three risks" for the synod: "formalism", "intellectualism" and "complacency". After the consultation phase with Catholics around the world, which will last until February, all the bishops' conferences are being urged to publish a report on these first meetings in April. Then the discussion will continue continent by continent. Finally, national episcopal conferences will elect representatives to attend the final stage of this novel synodal process – the ordinary assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which is to take place in October 2023 at the Vatican.

This article by Loup Besmond de Senneville was published
in LaCroix here

Clergy Appointments
Following consultations in recent times, I am pleased to announce two parish appointments that will take effect on January 10, 2022.

Fr Justin Driscoll will become Parish Priest of the Creswick, Daylesford and Gordon Parishes.
Fr Justin has served as Administrator of the Cathedral Parish for the past 14 years. I offer my thanks for his outstanding ministry in this role. I pray for blessings upon him as he moves into the new role of care for the people of Creswick, Daylesford and Gordon.
Fr Ed Moloney will become Administrator of the Ballarat Cathedral Parish. Fr Ed has served on the staff of Corpus Christi Seminary in Melbourne for the past 6 years. I thank Fr Ed for his dedication throughout this time in guiding seminarians on their journey towards priestly ministry. I pray for blessings upon him as he moves back to our Diocese to care for the people of the Cathedral Parish.
God bless you all.

Bishop Paul
Paul Bird CSsR
Bishop of the Diocese of Ballarat


Thank you for contributing to the Cathedral collections this week:

Parish $601.20
Presbytery $1,007.00

New envelopes are available for collection from the Parish Office during the office hours of Tuesday to Friday, 10.00am - 5.00pm

Any queries or concerns, or to make a contribution, please contact the Parish Office or email Finance Officer Kerrie.

Gospel Reflection
In the kin-dom of God movement established by Jesus, there is no place for domination or for any exercise of power over others. In today’s gospel story, this is a lesson that James and John, the sons of Zebedee, clearly need to learn. They seem to think that the structures of power operating in the Roman world are going to be replicated when Jesus conquers the forces of opposition and comes into his “glory”. The two brothers, James and John, put in a bid for shared deputy leadership positions. They seem to be blind and deaf to what Jesus has been trying to tell them throughout their journey from Caesarea Philippi to Jerusalem. They seek his patronage without reference to the rest of the leadership group who, incidentally, are not well pleased with their presumptuous companions.

James and John do not yet realise that Jesus’ way is not the way of status or entitlement and that their call as disciples and as leaders of the emerging movement has nothing to do with privilege. They need to understand that it has more to do with enduring the suffering associated with commitment to one’s mission and with setting others free to be their best selves. To demonstrate this, Jesus offers them an unpalatable alternative: to “be slave of all”. He sustains the slavery metaphor and goes on to summarise his own mission with an image that comes out of the world of his time: “not to be served but to serve and give life as a ransom for many”. A ransom was the payment made to free someone from slavery. To substitute oneself for a slave was to give one’s life as a ransom for that slave. Reading the gospel from beginning to end helps us to understand the ultimate self-giving of Jesus in death as the climax of a lifetime’s outpouring of love, a love that draws forth loving and liberating action in others.

There are multiple ways of enslaving others, of dominating and of trying to control them in order to achieve one’s own personal or corporate ends, good or bad. The request of James and John reminds us that we can all lose sight of the liberating vision of the gospel and get caught up in destructive power struggles. As 21st century disciples, we hear the words of Jesus, ‘It is not to happen with you”. We might turn our attention to those in our world who are literally enslaved. We might join with ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious against the Trafficking in Humans) and with others working to obtain freedom and justice for those trapped into sexual and other forms of slavery in our own cities, a situation reportedly exacerbated by pandemic. We might hear today’s gospel as a call to join the struggle against this tragic phenomenon.

Veronica Lawson RSM

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